Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chapter 1

Sunday, January 11th, 9:05PM on the corner of Elizabeth and Houston
stood a girl, with the Kenzo oversized woven tote in her left hand she would stand against the wind in this hazy evening, the blurred street with its delayed motionless karma would silently reflect on her 40s spirit acetate pantos shaped Chanel glasses while she would absorb her surrounding with savagely anguish.

The big knitted scarf would fill up her heavy coat with flashes of its prussian blue yarn while the rips of her Rad hourani t-shirt would stick out every now and then, The sounds of her overly over-layered jewelry would fill the streets while the clicking of her leather and neoprene peep-toe Pierre Hardy sling-backs would shape the streets with a rhythm of new found eclecticism. Her Superfine Jude panal jean ripped against the height of the heels.

The big glasses covering her winged eyes stood out sharp against the short somewhat disheveled side-parted hair. Her bleak skin was as motionless as the street. She was worried, she was very worried.

Her hand reached once again in her pocket. It was still there, the list was still there.

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